About me

Hi! I'm Rafael. I'm a Postdoctoral Fellow at University College of London, and a collaborator of CMIC in Wellington New Zealand, which means I have meetings at really weird hours.  Previously, I studied at Técnico Lisboa   (where I also received my BSc, MSc and most recently, my PhD in Information Systems and Computer Science). There, I worked with the Visualization and Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces Group at INESC-ID Lisbon. Current interest topics are image and video-based rendering, 3D reconstruction, real time rendering, and XR.

For more details about who I am, what I like, and what I do, I'd encourage clicking the social networks referenced near my portrait or in the contacts section. They will do a better job than some words here. For anything else, you can send me a nice e-mail which will be replied as soon as I hit F5 on Gmail waiting for those journal paper reviews.

PS: If you landed here looking for my GitHub or software for some paper I have been involved in and you did not find it, check again soon, or send me an e-mail. For works I have been involved with other people, you can try Vimmi3D GitHub page.


Projects and Labs


"Gait training using smart insoles and immersive reality technologies (XR)" is a new project funded by the sfti challenge in New Zealand. I'm working now remotely as an external advisor to Nadia Pantidi, who is the Principal Investigator at CMIC.


   CMIC is a lab funded by the TEC in New Zealand, with a focus on Industry collaboration and commercialization. There, I worked mainly in sesveral small projects with japanese partners Square ENIX and IMAGICA on several projects related to their production pipeline. I also collaborated with the XR researchers in the lab in teleconferencing.

   Blackbox was an interdisciplinary ERC-funded project hosted by FCSH-UNL from September 2014 to 2019. On this project, I was mostly interested in the capture and representation of information of the human performers, which goes through point-cloud data capture and rendering, and building technology that will help people from different areas draw conclusions about the deeper meaning of what is there represented.

  REngine was a short-term collaboration with the IT-medex to develop a Unity3D solution for volume rendering (3D Textures) and surface rendering (meshes). The goal was visualizing volume data reconstructed from medical images (CT, MRI, etc), and render using a raymarching shader.

  Machinima Storyteller was a project funded by beActive with the goal of creating a Machinima from an input movie script, in an interactive environment where a game-like experience could be later developed. It was developed using Unity3D, with intelligent agents doing the interpretation of the parts.

  Target was a serious game project focused on conflict resolution in business scenarios. I developed part of the the AI component of the platform.



Computer Graphics - Universidade de Lisboa - Técnico Lisboa (Alameda)

Teaching two different group of students, supervising an OPENGL 2.0 / C++ project.

Computer Graphics - Universidade de Lisboa - Técnico Lisboa (Alameda)

Substitute for a semester, supervising a Javascript 3D (three.js) project.



Computer Entretainment Developers Conference, CEDEC2020, Yokohama, Japan. "Mesh Reduction Struggles/メッシュリダクション四苦八苦"




Voice Interaction for Augmented Reality Navigation Interfaces with Natural Language Understanding
J Zhao, CJ Parry, RK dos Anjos, C Anslow, T Rhee
International Conference on Image and Vision Computing New Zealand
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Deformation Transfer Survey
R Roberts, RK dos Anjos, A Maejima, K Anjyo
Computers & Graphics
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Experiencing Choreographed 4D Visuals in a VR Dance Installation
S Jürgens,C Fernandes, RK dos Anjos
Performance Research,A Journal of the Performing Art, Volume 25, 2020 - Issue 4: On Hybridity
[Taylor Francis] [pdf]

Augmented Virtual Teleportation for High-Fidelity Telecollaboration
T Rhee, S Thompson, D Medeiros, RK dos Anjos, A Chalmers
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
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Piku Piku Interpolation
R Roberts, RK dos Anjos, K Anjyo, JP Lewis
SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Technical Briefs
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LINACVR: VR Simulation for Radiation Therapy Education
H Bannister, B Selwyn-Smith, A L.Wilson, D Medeiros, RK dos Anjos,C Anslow, B Robinson,Aidan Leong, Paul Kane
The 17th International Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and its Applications in Industry (VRCAI '19)
[acm] [pdf]

Dynamic Occlusion Handling for Real-Time AR Applications
J Jorge, R Silva, RK dos Anjos
The 17th International Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and its Applications in Industry (VRCAI '19)
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Adventures in Hologram Space: Exploring the Design Space of Eye-to-eye Volumetric Projection-based Telepresence
RK dos Anjos, M Sousa, D Mendes, D Medeiros, M Billinghurst, Craig Anslow, J Jorge
25th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST '19)
[acm] [pdf] [video]

Anatomy Studio: a Tool for Virtual Dissection Through Augmented 3D Reconstruction
E Zorzal, M Sousa, D Mendes, RK dos Anjos, D Medeiros, S Paulo, P Rodrigues, J Mendes, V Delmas, JF Uhl, J Mogorrón, J Jorge, DS Lopes
Computers & Graphics
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WARPING DEIXIS: Distorting Gestures to Enhance Collaboration
M Sousa, RK dos Anjos, D Mendes, M Billinghurst and J Jorge
ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2019
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A navigation paradigm driven classification for video-based rendering techniques
RK dos Anjos, J Pereira and J Gaspar
Computers & Graphics 77, Pages 205-216
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Keep my head on my shoulders! Why third-person is bad for navigation in VR
D Medeiros, RK dos Anjos, D Mendes, J Pereira, A Raposo, J Jorge
VRST'2018 - ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology
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Three-Dimensional Visualization of Movement Qualities in Contemporary Dance
RK dos Anjos, CS Ribeiro and C Fernandes
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Movement Computing, 10
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Assessing the usability of tile-based interfaces to visually navigate 3-D parameter domains
DS Lopes, RK dos Anjos and J Jorge
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 118
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Virtual Reality Annotator: A Tool to Annotate Dancers in a Virtual Environment
CS Ribeiro, RK dos Anjos and C Fernandes
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10605)
[springer] [pdf]


Creepy Tracker Toolkit for Context-aware Interfaces
M Sousa, D Mendes, RK dos Anjos, D Medeiros, A Raposo, A Ferreira, J Pereira and J Jorge
ACM Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS), 2017
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Multiview Layered Depth Image
RK dos Anjos, JM Pereira, JA Gaspar, C Fernandes
Journal of WSCG 25(2), 115
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Stroke-based splatting: an efficient multi-resolution point cloud visualization technique
RK dos Anjos, CS Ribeiro, DS Lopes, JM Pereira
The Visual Computer
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Capturing and Documenting Creative Processes in Contemporary Dance
CS Ribeiro, RK dos Anjos, C Fernandes
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Movement Computing, 7
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3D Flashback: An Informative Application for Dance
RK dos Anjos, JM Pereira, C Fernandes
ERCIM News 108 (108), 45
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Transposing Formal Annotations of 2D Video Data into a 3D Environment for Gesture Research
V Evola, CS Ribeiro, J Skubisz, RK dos Anjos,
International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS) 2016, 45
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3d annotation in contemporary dance: enhancing the creation-tool video annotator
C Ribeiro, RK dos Anjos, C Fernandes, JM Pereira
Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Movement and Computing, 41
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Mappets: An Interactive Plugin for Transmedia Machinima on Unity3D
RK dos Anjos, E Di Tullio, R Prada
International Conference on Entertainment Computing, 69-74
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Collision Detection on Point Clouds Using a 2.5+ D Image-Based Approach
RK dos Anjos, JM Pereira, JF Oliveira
Journal of WSCG 20 (2), 145 - 153
[UWB DL] [pdf]



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